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Annie J. Dahlgren: Music

Gold in California

(Annie J. Dahlgren)
August 31, 2005
Annie J. Dahlgren

My first record is a series of 15 songs that together tell the story of Elizabeth Clark who came to California with her family in 1849.  The CD contains a 32 page booklet about her life and the lives of those around her in that wild, wild time.  It needs to be a stage play or a movie.  Some day....

Gold in California

Well there's gold in California in the mountains by the sea

So my Daddy, he hit the trail west with my mama, my brothers and me

It took ten days to reach the Grand River

Counting the graves on the road of those dead from the fever

Oh, I long for St. Louis in my heart

A gentleman passed us in Kansas, he's going back the other way

Colorado had beaten his heart out - all that mattered was taken away

In the snow that lies deep on the mountain

He buried his wife and their new baby daughter together

Oh, I long for St. Louis in my heart

A soldier joined us in Wheeler, he had been shot but many had died

He wept as he talked of the battle, he said as they killed the Indians cried

Now fear is our new way of living

And as I pray every night we won't be forsaken

Oh, I long for St. Louis in my heart

So there's gold in California many seek but few shall find

My daddy passed on in Nevada.  We never looked back when we left him behind

Still the men count on the gold

While all their mothers and wives count the graves on the road

Oh, I long for St. Louis in my heart

I long for St. Louis