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Annie J. Dahlgren: Music

Red Dress

(Annie J. Dahlgren)
November 26, 2007
Annie J. Dahlgren and Kate Wallace

There are two girls singing here.  Kate and I called them the red dress girl and the white dress girl.  You should hear her version.  It kicks ass just as hard in a totally different way. (



Red Dress

World comin' down all around

You don't care - you just dance

And run around paintin' the town

It's not the time for a red dress

And you drink all the wine

Get away with it all the time


Whose tender heart doesn't break as the world falls apart

Coyotes runnin' in our own backyard

I'll be the light - put on my red dress and dance through the night

Trouble will wait for another daylight

Whoa - oh - oh - oh

Can't feel joy if you don't know sorrow - every coin has two sides

Go to bed lookin' for a blue tomorrow - that's just what you'll fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

World comin' down all around

Never mind.  You just dance in your red dress

Let sleepin' dogs lie

Bridge - out