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Annie J. Dahlgren: Music

All Through the Night

(Annie J. Dahlgren)
April 12, 2010
Annie J. Dahlgren

I had just purchased a Fostex 4 track digital recorder and I was learning how to use it.  A childhood rhyme came to mind just for something to use to multi-track, and though I got the lyrics a little bit wrong, whatever I was singing gave rise to the verses somehow.  So...yeah...that was a good one.



All Through the Night


Background round:

Hey Ho, nobody’s home.  Eat nor drink nor money have I none.

Still I will be happy.  Hey Ho, nobody’s home.


No more arguing at night when I come home

Wouldn’t change a thing, I’m better off alone

Rise when I want to do

Shine, I don’t even have to ‘cuz

No one’s here to care now I’m on my own


All through the night

All through the night


Before they say  thing I know they’re like the rest

No matter what they do I am unimpressed

How can they get to me

I’m where I want to be

Lots of time to think why solitude is best


All through the night

All through the night