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Annie J. Dahlgren: Bio

I was born in Vancouver, Washington and raised in Bakersfield, California where I started playing in local bands when I was 19.

Many people are aware that Bakersfield is and has long been a happening place for all kinds of music. When I was playing in bands there in the 1970s there were just great groups playing everywhere - guys doing Aerosmith covers at The Brown Shingle, Sons of Champlin or Hall & Oates stuff over at Maisson Jaussaud's or you could come hear our band playing Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt tunes or even some Dan Hicks or Manhattan Transfer at The Happy Buzzard downtown. And I'm not even mentioning what was going on at The Funny Farm, The Blackboard and Trout's. Serious country - and western, too.

I moved to Santa Barbara in 1982 - another musical haven, but left music for awhile to try my hand in corporate America. It didn't work out that well, but then came a decade of writing screen plays and stage plays and going to film school and other way fun stuff in that line of thinking and only returned to music in a big and serious way when I met David West in 2002.

I went into Studio Z - one of the best places on earth - to record a few songs that I had written 10 or 15 years earlier and somehow that opened the gate to a flood of material that goes on to this day. I can't stop writing - thank God - and David is there to catch it all and turn it into glorious, wonderful albums...CDs...MP3s... Wonder of wonders. I am so happy.